Last year I taught Social Studies. Let me tell you, I LOVE History. My boyfriend has his Masters in History and we love doing geeky, historical things such as visiting Presidential homes…like our first date, that wasn’t actually a date at all, was a trip to Teddy Roosevelt’s home. Our first actual date, which was a real date, was to a Abraham Lincoln exhibit in NYC. That being said, I found teaching Social Studies really overwhelming. There was SO MUCH information to cover in so little time. I felt like I always wanted to go more in depth with certain topics and I ended up glossing over information so I could get to everything. I feel like so much of the middle school curriculum is focused on memorizing people and places and taking notes and writing essays and analyzing primary resources. I did make a few quick activities, like this cut and past Federalists v. Antifederalists T-Chart. Intriguing, right?! I can’t decide who is more attractive, Hamilton or Jefferson <3 Click on the photo below to download!

Federalists v. Antifederalists