It all started with this pin:

I have been obsessively thinking about this foldable for 2 full weeks. I need to make this with my class. I usually hate teaching transformations, but now I am looking forward to it? Weird

Anyway, I needed to make a printable version of this. Why? Because foldables still take my 8th graders at least 30 minutes to complete. No one has scissors. No one knows how to use scissors. No one knows how to fold. Sweet Justin Beiber, bless those teachers that have their kids trained to make foldables using nothing but a blank sheet of notebook paper. I dream of being you in another life. I searched and searched for the original source of this pin, but I couldn’t find it. PLEASE let me know if you have the original link. The last thing I would want to do is take credit for something I didn’t create.

Okay…so I am terrible at taking pictures. I promise I used my favorite Astrobrights paper! Yes I did make this myself. I created the file last night and I cannot wait until next week when school resumes, so I made my own example for the old blog. I mean to show my class when we do it. Yea. Either one.

Anyone else hoard color paper? Hopefully not just me, because I squeezed as many shapes as possible on each sheet.Okay, I totally just realized that I wrote “rotates” instead of “rotation”. Oops.

Okay, I totally just realized that I wrote "rotates" instead of "rotation". Oops.

Attach the pentagon with a paperclip. Slide the pentagon to show a translation.

Attach the right triangle with a piece of tape to show a reflection.

Attach the hexagon with a brad to show rotations.

Attach both squares with tape to show dilations (enlargement and reduction)

Do you love it?! Can you pretend you love it, because I LOVE it so much! Click on the image below to download the 7 page PDF.