As I know most of you do, I am constantly using collaborative and cooperative activities in my class. In my math room my students sit in clusters of 4 or 5 and have lab partners and groups in the science lab. One thing I saw floating around in the teacher blog world this summer was volume level posters. I created my own, that fits my classroom, and I use it daily.

Each class has one or two kids that ALWAYS remind me to change the volume level depending on what we are doing. I took a clothespin and glued a foam glitter star on it to indicate what level the class should be on.

In the beginning of the year, each class models the different levels and, with a few reminders throughout the year, it has worked pretty well. I photocopied it onto my favorite Astrobrights cardstock (seriously, buy it from Michael’s with a 40% off coupon) and laminated it. Click on the picture below to download the PDF.