I can’t help it. I’m 100% obsessed with Pinterest. Here are some of my favorites from the past few weeks. Click on each picture for the original pin!

Punnett Squares and FOIL?! The perfect combination!

Seriously, HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS?! I will be working on a printable version of this this week!

I love this idea so much! I will be using it next year for sure!

Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls?! I just found another reason for my boyfriend to love me!!

Adorable! I need to figure out a way to make these so they are 100% food allergy free for my class!

Always looking for new vocabulary strategies!

I always want everything Kate Spade makes. These earrings are no exception.

This. THIS.

Never ever gets old!

What have you been pinning lately?! Follow me and I will check out your boards! I am so obsessed with Pinterest! My poor non-teacher friends probably get sicks of my pins haha