What a week this has been crazy/awesome! My boyfriend has a new, ADORABLE nephew (coming from someone who is maybe a little scared of newborns…haha oops) and….wait for it….I got a new job for next year!! I actually was offered three different positions at Catholic schools and chose a wonderful middle school math and science position out on the North Shore of LI! It’s 4 different science classes and 2 different math classes a day, but I am excited for a new challenge. I will obviously be prepping ALL summer! I really want to seriously start doing interactive science notebooks. Any links, book suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated!!

We have been super busy in class this week working on percents of numbers with both my 6th and 7th graders. My 7th graders created a percent shopping project that they LOVED. Each student brought in 5 pictures of items for their “store” and made a flier with original prices and percents off. On their answer key, they solved to find the sale prices.

The students put their desks in a big circle and put the fliers on display. The students walked around and chose 5 items to buy. They then solved to find the sale price and calculate how much they spent and saved.

All in all it was a fun activity and the students did a great job. Click on the picture below to download the PDF.

Enjoy! Have a great weekend!