Raise your hand if you have spent your entire teaching career fighting the (losing) pencil battle! Every year, I try something new and every year, I run out of pencils by November. I have really strong views on pencils. I hate that they disappear so quickly and no one ever has one, but I cannot  imagine making my students feel badly about not having a pencil. I can’t imagine embarrassing them by making them take off their shoes and trade them for a pencil (omg also, so gross). I can’t imagine having my students, who come from very diverse backgrounds and even more diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, trade in old pencils for shiny new ones and giving the gross old ones to students who don’t have a pencil.  This summer I was scrolling through Instagram and came across this post from Lone Star Classroom  and I knew I had to give it a try! 

I love the idea of loaner pencils with a place to “sign them out”. It makes it quick and simple to borrow a pencil with a little bit of accountability. Turns out, it was the exact system that my class needed! Each period, students sign out pencils and at the end of the period, they return them and erase their names. I have a few students who help remind their classmates to give back the pencils.

Want to try the loaner pencil system in your classroom? I made a few free pencil signs to use on your board. Find them here!

I have bought a few different clip and found that these magnetic bulldog clips are the perfect size (affiliate link).