I am obsessed with New Years Resolutions…okay fine I am obsessed with Goals…and To Do lists. I feel like I can’t be productive without a to do list scribbled in a notebook. Now that I understand Linky Parties and how they work, I decided to join this New Years Resolution Linky Party from a Teacher’s Treasure.

Personal Resolutions:

  1. Organize my life. As my mom, who reads my blog when there isn’t too much math on it, can attest to, my real life is so messy and disorganized.
  2. Start running again/get in better shape for the million weddings I get to be apart of this year.
  3. Enjoy 2012– it could be the end of the world! haha no but seriously– enjoy the year and not “wish it away”

Professional Resolutions:

  1. Find a new job. My school is closing this year and I have loved every second of teaching there. I love teaching a million different subjects and the close knit community of families. I hope and pray I can find a classroom position for next year!
  2. Become a better math teacher. I love reading PD books and incorporating new strategies into my classroom.
  3. Join a professional organization or two!
  4. Improve this baby of a blog!

Happy 2012! 

Happy 2012!