Sometimes I have to teach Science concepts that I love and find fascinating and the students think are terrible and boring (ahem the entire Earth Science curriculum). My students LOVE making foldables– even if they end up doing the exact same work as they would if they were just taking notes, it is SO MUCH COOLER (aka engaging) if they get to fold up some paper and use fancy pens. In the middle of our weathering section, the kids got to make ICE WEDGING FOLDABLES (sense the excitement?!) Most students did an awesome job with this– and even better, they could EXPLAIN ice wedging to me!


In the 3 examples above you can see that students illustrated the 3 steps and under each flap, wrote about what was occurring. After my first attempt of creating foldables with my classes, I realized with only 35 minutes to teach, it could take almost the entire period for the whole class to correctly fold their paper. This is why I make the actual foldable templates for each student and let them crease and cut. I have included two files– the ICE WEDGING foldable as well as a blank tri-fold foldable templates just incase you happen to NOT be teaching about ICE WEDGING in the near future! Click on each picture below to download the PDFs

Mechanical Weathering: Ice Wedging Tri-Fold

Blank Tri-Fold Foldable


P.S. I promise to never mention ICE WEDGING as much as I just did in this post!!