This has been a wonderful Spring Break! I am so sad school starts up again tomorrow! Mostly sad because I will be spending the next 2+ week administering state exams. I LOVE coming back from a 1.5 week break and getting a chance to start high stakes testing. YAY!!

On Friday I went into school to photocopy and organize my geometry units that I worked on over break…


I love being able to take over the faculty room and punch, cut and organize everything that I need to.  How do you organize all of your copies. etc?

One of the many geometry activities I made is a 6 door foldable. My 6th graders don’t have a ton of background knowledge about polygons. One of the intro activities that they will be doing is creating this foldable to practice identifying some of the polygons that they are expected to know. I can’t wait to do this with them!

Click on the picture below to download the PDF file.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. I have been SO far behind on blogs and comments. I’m sorry! I still love you all I promise 🙂