Is it just me or was this THE longest week ever?! I swear every single teacher in my school missed at least one day due to illness…and approximately 1/2 my class was out at some point with a nasty stomach virus that was going around. Mmm. Awesome.

My 6th graders are learning about states of matter! Yay!! We are doing lots of fun activities to explore different concepts. This week we did a surface tension lab . I had done this lab in a class in college and taught it to a group of kids in PA. It’s a very “typical” lab– one that most classes do in some form. The students did enjoy it and we didn’t have to rush to complete it in 35 minutes, which is always a plus!

Students used an eyedropper to count the number of drops of water that fit on a penny. Students then repeat the test with oil and soapy water.

Students record data and then put drops of each on wax paper. Students draw pictures of the drops of liquids on their lab sheets.

Had I had more time, I would have definitely had students find the class mean for each type of liquid! Hopefully you can use the lab! Click on the link below to download the PDF.

Any big plans this weekend? I am celebrating Chinese New Year with my family on Saturday and going to a big wedding show in the city with my BFF Em!