Having a Growth Mindset is one of the values I try my best to instill in my middle school students. One of the first things that we do, before I even start introducing math concepts, is a lesson on the importance of growth mindset and how to train your brain to grow from failures and mistakes.

Growth min

My classroom is filled with growth mindset posters and banners and we retrain ourselves to use growth mindset language.

Growth Mindset Banner

I love using short videos to reinforce growth mindset throughout the year.

#1 University of California Growth Mindset Video 

This video is perfect for middle schoolers! It’s only about 2 minutes long and does a great job explaining a growth vs. fixed mindset. I show this in the beginning of school every year!

#2 Khan Academy “You Can Learn Anything”  

I LOVE this video! It is short (less than 2 minutes) and does such a great job reinforcing the idea that no one is BORN smart! So many of my math students come to me with the mindset that they just weren’t born good at math so they never will be. I like to show this video a few weeks into school when the math content gets more difficult!

#3 Batman, Belief and Growth Mindset

This video is GREAT for sharing with parents! So many of my students tell me that they wish their parents understood growth mindset and that it was ok to get a grade less than a 90%. This video is a great for kids to watch with their parents.

#4 Growth Mindset Introduction

This video is a bit longer, but it is a great introduction and summary of a growth vs. fixed mindset.

What are your favorite Growth Mindset resources?