First of all, I just wanted to say HI to all my new readers 🙂 I have been having lots or visitors over the past month and I am so happy that people are enjoying the labs and activities I have been posting! Thank you for all the sweet comments too!

Second, ummm has anyone been to Staples this week? I didn’t not buy two reams of pastel paper (wait, I’m the only one who tries to trick the secretary into letting me have color copy paper?!), lots of paper clips and amazing pens all on sale!!

SO beautiful.

Third, check out this activity we did in science this past week. We have been learning about glaciers, so I made a bunch of mini glaciers. The ice cube trays are from the Target Dollar Spot. I made some with gravel and sand on the bottom (to model till and outwash), some with a big pebble in each (erratic boulders), and others with a mix of different types of sediments. Each group used about 8 ice cubes.

The students then used fake play dough (Dollar Tree!) to cover the bottom of a plastic box. They dragged a glacier with sand on the bottom and a glacier with pebbles on the bottom across the clay and recorded their observations. They then built up the play dough around a glacier and left it until the next day (to form a kettle lake). They also placed glaciers with mixed sediments and the glacier with a large pebble in different spots of the box.

The students recorded their observations and drew a picture of exactly what they made. The next day, students made observations about what was left when the ice melted and answered their conclusion questions.

I know this isn’t the perfect model of glaciers, but it was a good representation of some of the things we learned about in class! Click on the picture below to download the PDF!