I live this life where one of my main goals is to convince my students that math is cool and awesome and hott (with 2 t’s). One thing that gets (most) of my students engaged in the lesson is FOOD. You would think that these kids don’t eat ever, but I mean I see most of them eating breakfast as they walk in in the morning and every week when I do lunch duty I am SHOCKED by the amount of food and snacks  they consume in one sitting. When I think of a math activity that combines food (especially when I can easily find a peanut-free snack to use) AND actual learning, I fall in love with the activity! I did this activity for the first time last year and my students loved it too! Bonus: they actual remembered the activity when they were taking their ratio test…they actual remembered ratios when we reviewed them this year!

Each student got a paper plate with a handful of Fruit Loops and a worksheet. Students had to complete their work before they could eat their cereal, which motivated them to finish an assignment in a period instead of trying to convince me to drag it out for three periods.

Click on the picture below to download the worksheet! Enjoy!