What is it about exponents that make students think that two cubed is the same as two times six?! Exponents are one of those things that students think are SO easy when they are introduced and the next day they go to work on their do nows and all the sudden they think that they can just multiply the base by the power.

This year with my 6th graders we made exponent foldable cards. I cut strips of construction paper and we made the first few together. Students took paper home and created 2 of their own for homework that night.

To make these, take a strip of paper and choose a base and power to work with.

Fold the strip of paper like an accordion so that it is divided into equal sections. Make sure there are enough sections for the power plus 2 extras.

On the first fold, write the base and the power.

On the inside folds, write the power in expanded ย form /product of factors.

On the last flap, write the answer.

On the back write it in word form.

Students can use these to study or quiz their classmates. I hope you can use these in your classroom!