I love Pi Day! Seriously. This year on actual Pi Day, as I mentioned in my last post, I got hit in the face with a whipped cream pie at an assembly. It was actually awesome. I love my school. I love my coworkers 🙂

My class celebrated Pi Day on the Ides of March (March 15). One of my friends teaches 4th and 5th grade math so we did a great collaborative lesson. I figured I would share because even though Pi Day is over, this lesson can be used all year round for teaching circles and circumference. Better late than never (#neverlateisbetter).

I’m lucky to have my 6th graders blocked for Math and Science some days so we had 80 glorious minutes to work with the 4th graders. We went to the cafeteria so we had lots of room. We had already prepped the kids the day before about circles and calculating circumference, etc. My 6th graders were the “teachers” and they loved it. I was so proud of how well they worked with the younger kids.

The first activity we did was each student got a “pie” or a circle I copied on this ugly tan color paper (that the office was more than happy to give me!) The circles were all different sizes. Each student decorated the pie however they wanted. Students then measured the circumference and radius and calculated the circumference and filled out the “Pi Day Celebration” half sheet. They then glued them on construction paper and we displayed them in the hall.

When they were all finished with that, students worked with their partners to create Digits of Pi bracelets. I found this AWESOME idea on one of my new favorite blogs, Cheers to School.  The day before, my students prepped the supplies for these. The students all loved them AND were excited to get to wear a bracelet at school (our uniform code = no bracelets unless they have religious images on them).

Enjoy! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂