Ok, I get it. I’m not the first person in the world to use Discovery’s FREE Puzzlemaker! In fact, I remember using it in grad school to make some weird higher level thinking skill vocabulary activity about an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story. So wait, no one wants a copy of that? WHY?!!!!

My students love all types of puzzles and I am a bad teacher and rarely supply them with them. One of the main reasons? I honestly never think of it when I am planning. I decided to make some fun science crosswords instead of our regular guided notes for this week. The first riveting topic? Continental Drift!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

So I go on over to the Puzzlemaker website, type in all of my info, and then remember why I don’t ever make puzzles on it…

You know I love some beautiful, crazy fonts, right? I cannot handle the way this crossword puzzle looked. The basic, boring fonts, the way it printed on two pages. HOW CAN I GIVE THIS TO MY STUDENTS?!

I did what any normal (ok, not normal) person would do. I saved the crossword puzzle as a graphic, copy and pasted the clues and brought them all into PowerPoint. Ahhh much better. So much more visually appealing. Perfection. I can’t wait to let me 7th graders try this tomorrow. I love tricking them into thinking that they are doing something fun. Teaching Continental Drift? Click on the picture below to download the PDF.