First of all, I would like to say hello to SPRING BREAK!! Yesterday was a half day. We went to mass in the morning and had like 2 1/2 hour classes and then we were done 🙂 Perks of working in a Catholic school= 1.5 Week long Spring Break!! YAY!! I have lots of plans that mainly include chilling, watching Dance Moms and hanging out with my Teacher BFF CAITLIN who is coming to visit for Easter from Pennsylvania! I will be bullying her into some guest posts because she actually is the best math teacher. EVER.

I just wanted to quickly post this morning before I ran off across the street to my coworker’s house to help finish up the yearbook. We are working on density with my 6th graders and to start off, I did the ever popular density demonstration. Most science teachers do this at one point or another, but you would think my kids have never seen it. They loved it! I forgot to snap a picture of it though. I used: Honey, light corn syrup, rubbing alcohol, water, oil and dish soap. I did die the water and rubbing alcohol so it was easier to see.

Each student got a lab sheet and made predictions about the order. I recreated the picture of the beaker on chart paper and used post-its to let students come up and make predictions. We then recorded the actual results on a duplicate chart.

This demo is great for older and younger kids. Click on the picture below to download the PDF file.