I may or may not dread teaching decimals. I feel like when I get my 6th graders, they should know way more about decimals than they ever remember. One activity I do during my decimal chapter, which is at the beginning of the year, is DECIMAL OF THE DAY!

I am the 6th grade homeroom teacher so I do this activity every morning before prayer and announcements, but it could be used at the beginning of class too. Each morning there is a decimal posted on the SMARTboard, as well as an “extra question” that has to do with whatever skill we are working on in class (comparing and ordering, operations with decimals, etc). Students take a decimal of the day worksheet and complete it using the posted decimal. Click on the picture to download the PDF.

To encourage my students even further, as if building their knowledge of decimals isn’t enough, I give each student a raffle ticket if they complete the Decimal of the Day worksheet correctly. Each week I pull raffle tickets and students can choose from small prizes.Β Click on the picture to download the PDF.