This is one of the messiest, most ridiculous and fun activities we have done this year 🙂 As a wrap up activity for our rocks chapter, my 7th graders made candy models of the three different type of rocks.

First, the students took pieces of white and wheat bread, alternated them and then squeezed them together to model metamorphic rocks.

Then they took graham crackers and layers chocolate and vanilla frosting, sprinkles, fruity pebbles, chocolate chips and Swedish Fish to model sedimentary rocks.

As the students were creating their metamorphic and sedimentary rock models, I heated up a bag of chocolate chips. Each student got a sheet of wax paper. I poured a small amount of liquid chocolate on the wax paper. We unfortunately didn’t have enough time in our 35 minute period for the chocolate to completely cool, but the students still understood it was a model of an igneous rock.

This was a messy activity, but the students LOVED it (what’s not to love?!) Click on the picture below to download the PDF file!