I decided to link up with Katie over at Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher for “A Day in My Shoes” Linky Party. Go head over and share about a typical day at school for you.

My Friday looked a little bit like this…

5:00am: Alarm goes off. I obviously press snooze until 5:18 am and peel myself out of bed to get changed and make breakfast and lunch. By make breakfast, I mean put an English Muffin in the toaster. By make lunch, I mean take my already packed lunch out of the fridge.

6:05 am : Leave for school. Nothing like New York City rush hour traffic in the pitch black to start off the day right. Stop for Starbucks (thank you Christmas giftcards!) and get to school a little before 7. I live 11 miles from my school. Think about it.

7:00 am-7:55 am Make some extra copies, set my room and SMARTboard up, post homework, etc. Exciting stuff right here.

7:55-8:15 am- HOMEROOM with my 6th graders…one of my least favorite times of the day. At least 2 students try to hide from me that they are not wearing their ties. Write 2 uniform violations haha. Also, I notice almost every girl in my class is wearing glitter nail polish, which is supposed to be a uniform violation too. Oops. I pretend I don’t see. Remind my 6th graders at least 5 times what classes they have in the morning before I see them again. Tell at least 3 kids to stop fooling around during morning prayers. Inevitably every kid forgets to put up their lunch count. Awesome. This whole description happens every single morning.

Period 1: 8th grade math! One of my favorite classes of the day! I only have 18 kids in the class and they have worked so hard to get where they are now. I handed back and went over quizzes (factoring trinomials!) and we made coordinate plane foldables. High School acceptance letter were waiting for them at home, so everyone was super excited to find out where they got in.

Period 2: Integrated Algebra- My smarty pants 8th graders in accelerated math. We’re graphing linear equations. We love math. SO MUCH.

Period 3: 7th grade math. These students are hilarious and amazing and sometimes out of control. They had a quiz on scientific notation and LCM and GCF…I’ve got to grade those today….hopefully they did well!

Period 4: My prep period! Heaven!! Too bad I spent most of it working on a letter of rec for a coworker and running up and down the stairs to the office to take care of some things.

Period 5: 6th grade math. My babies did SUCH a good job solving one step equations using multiplication. They are killing it. THEY ARE SHOWING ALL THEIR WORK?! Is this real life?!

Recess duty: Yes my middle school kids still get a 1/2 hour of recess everyday. Luckily it was indoors because it was so windy and cold out, but that just means avoiding getting hit in the face with a basketball while talking to a bunch of my girls about math, life and Justin Beiber.

Lunch! YAY!!

DEAR time: 2x a week, a teacher who doesn’t have a homeroom takes my 6th graders for Drop Everything and Read time and I get 20 extra minutes with my Algebra kids. We all love it. Mostly because the other teacher isn’t mean like me and instead of making my 6th graders read, she lets them watch movies (I can’t even talk about it) and I get to have extra Algebra time!

7th period: 6th grade Simple Machines quiz. Luckily they were well prepared, thanks to the Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt.

8th period: 7th grade science. We made awesome glacier flipbooks (that I will be sharing this week) and talked about which Kardashian is the hottest. The answer was NOT Bruce Jenner.

Homeroom 2 (dismissal): My actual least favorite part of the day. My 6th graders come in from religion and have approximately  10 minutes to pack up their backpacks, collect all of their bags and boxed of things they bring to school, put their blazers in their backpacks, zip up their coats, turn their desks around so none of their stuff gets stolen by the 10 different groups that use out classroom after school, and figure out where they are supposed to be (bus, walker, afterschool program, drama club, girl scouts, basketball…I think that covers it all)

Wooo. And that was my day 🙂 I can’t wait to see what everyone else posts. I will be back this afternoon with another post!